The 4th activity “Dance with me"
Pupils prepare a video dance lessons for other partner: It has to be 1 or 2 minutes length / With different steps /Free style / We have to send it in MPEG, AVI, or , MP4 / We have to include its music in MP3 / The deadline to send the video is 30th October 2013
Each country will send the video to another: When we receive the video, our pupils must learn to dance it and they are going to record another video dancing the dance they have learnt. The deadline to the second video is 30th November.

Spain to Portugal
Portugal to Greece

Music Spanish Dance

Portuguese students dance .. Spanish

Ponta do Sol Bailinho

Greek students dance .. Portuguese

France to Cyprus
Slovakia to Turkey

Cypriot students dance.. French

Turkish students dance.. Slovak

Poland to France
Greece to Slovakia

French students dance .. Polish

Music Greek Dance

Slovak students dance ..Greek

Cyprus to Spain
Turkey to Poland

Spanish students dance .. Cypriot

Polish students dance ..Turkish

Bulgaria to Croatia
Croatia to Bulgaria

Croatian students dance .. Bulgarian

Bulgarian students dance .. Croatian