6th Activity : "Sing together"

1st - We selected the melody from "You are my sunshine' by Elisabeth Michell
2nd - Each Country has to make up a sentence of the song:- The sentence will be written in their native language + English translation + phonetic Latin letters written - These sentences are related with friendship and solidarity 3rd - France is in charge of writing the chorus related with our project “europemix”. 4th – Our song will be built in our wiki at:25 March 1st Bulgaria - 2nd Croatia - 3rd Cyprus - 4th France - 26 March 1st Greece - 2nd Poland - 3rd Portugal - 4th Slovakia - 27 March 1st Spain - 2nd Turkey 3rd France will finish the song.5th – Each partner will record his sentence in mp3 and upload to our wiki 6th - Children sing the new lyrics and make a video which must be online to 15th May 2014.
7th – A “Mix-song video”

1- Bulgaria: Мечтаем всички за свят чудесен …/ All we dream about a wonderful world Mechtaem vsichki za svyat chudesen

2-Croatia:da prijatelji nam budu svi.../ Is that everyone is our friend

3-CyprusΑυτή η φιλία, να μην τελειώσει -- May this friendship never end -- af̱tí̱ i̱ filía na mi̱ teleió̱sei

4-France:Que ce monde merveilleux reste plein de joie / May this wonderful world be full of joy
kə sə mɔ̃d mεʀvεjø ʀεst plε̃ də ʒwa

5-Greece:πες μου πόσο μπορώ να αντέξω (γύρω μου) τέτοια ομορφιά / Tell me how can I handle such a beauty around
pesmu poso mporo nantekso (giro mou ) tetia omorfia

6-Poland:By w sercach gościł radości czar / So that there will be joy in our hearts
by w sercah goscil radosci char

7-Portugal:Todos juntos somos uma família / Together we make a family

8-Slovakia:Kamaráti poďte k nám / Friends come to us.
Kamara:ťi podťe g na:m

9-Spain:Todos iguales, sin diferencias/ Everybody equal without any differences[ 'to ðos i 'γwa les 'siN di fe 'reN θjas ]

10-Turkey: sen bana huzur neşe cansın- you are my heart and happiness

11-Chorus (France):Come on all my friends all around Europe
12- Chorus (France): Sing all Europemix, Europemix with Love

Each partner video records the Europe Mix song





EuropeMix-song video